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to address hundred and three million euro deficit into a pension scheme. the move comes just two prepares to take strike action tending goats and the dublin airport authority over moves to cut pension benefits of employees at those companies were born on the steering stringent and the respondent in that mine is with us at home me looking good is the prospect of any significant cuts to stick to pensions. what exactly does seem to visit. it is a very realistic prospect. basically blocked and the trustees have circulated in nemo and an entry in these situations it's not the entire set too it's the trustees to have their finger on the butler pa couples that the schemes and active and deferred members happy to have content that i could see a cut of twenty percent in their pension expectations and they also say though that the plastic jar team of retired and members of the c2 pension scheme have signed undertakings accepting that if the scheme which he went up they would face cuts in their pension benefits of ten percent that the trustees a warning to those people could face a further cut under
was caused by the anthropologist to address the deficit in the current scheme. i think that they've now decided that their patience has run ads and they're going to an extent notice of dispute. so i think that at one behind the scenes efforts are continuing in a bid to find a way to try and deal with this because it is not a traditional ira dispute in destinations dispute. it's hard to get all the participants out into the room so they may have to find a different framework but those efforts are continuing as of now they have succeeded and the timing of any potential action is significant if not it is indeed because of the week that dispute or four hours doesn't sound like much but for average between five am and nine a m that's when the center for the day gets started. it has an idea at that stage on that day has knock on effect. remember this is one of the busiest times of the year kitchen sink optics day weekend supplementing you've got an offer on things happening so not a great time and a very talented companies are absolutely furious that this notice has been tapped on my fingers
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2